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Revolutionizing faxing with an intuitive app. Go digital, ditch outdated machines. Send & Receive faxes effortlessly, anytime & anywhere using your Exclusive Fax number on your phone or tablet!

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By Const Agility LLC (Texas, USA)


Faxify: Send Receive Faxes app is a highly acclaimed mobile application empowering users to send & receive faxes conveniently from their mobile devices. Say goodbye to physical fax machines, exclusive phone lines, or the hassle of visiting fax stores. All you require is an internet connection and a mobile device, and you're all set to fax effortlessly.

Exclusive Fax number

Get an exclusive fax number exclusively for receiving faxes in the Faxify app on your mobile device with our most economical annual plans. This offer gives you access to your own fax number all year long, presenting the most cost-effective solution we've ever made available to our users.

Professional faxes

Employing your exclusive fax number along with a cover page for sending faxes enhances professionalism and accountability. The acknowledgment of received faxes, whether through manual or automatic responses confirming the receipt and quality, is exclusively applicable when utilizing an exclusive fax number for sending faxes.

Try free

Enjoy a complimentary feature that lets you send 5 pages every month without the need for a trial subscription or encountering any advertisements.

Affordable cost

Select from a variety of plans tailored to suit your requirements, with options beginning at the affordable rate of $4.99 per week.

International faxing

Effortlessly send faxes to international numbers at a budget-friendly cost, determined by the number of pages and communication duration.

Simple & Intuitive

Our app takes pride in its intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation and effortless usability, setting us apart from the competition.

Fast & Functional

Stands out for its remarkable speed and exceptional functionality. It effectively displays various statuses and maintains stability without crashing.

Secure transmission

Security is a top priority, takes all the necessary measures to protect your sensitive information using 256-bit SSL encryption to secure your fax transmissions.

Send Fax

A fax document, also known as a facsimile document or fax, is a scanned or electronically generated representation of a physical document that is transmitted over a telephone line or the internet to a receiving fax machine or fax server.

  • Enter your recipient fax number by either manually typing in or select from your contacts.
  • Optionally, attach a cover page to introduce the fax's content and add professionalism.
  • Add pages to prepare your fax document by:
    • - Use the built-in scanner within the app to scan your physical documents.
    • - Use device camera to take pictures of your physical document.
    • - Add existing images from your device photo library.
    • - Add existing images / PDFs from your device or cloud storage.
  • Before sending, preview the fax to verify the attached documents and ensure accuracy.


When a user previews and/or sends a fax, the fax drafts are automatically saved.

Fax drafts offer the advantage of postponing the immediate fax transmission, providing the opportunity to return later, make corrections, and send the fax at a more suitable time.

When a fax transmission fails, fax drafts are retained, allowing users to revisit and resend them at a later time.


The History screen stores fax activities, including the ongoing status of sent faxes and any received faxes. Once a fax is sent, this section displays the specific item's progress, which ultimately shows whether it was successfully delivered or encountered an error.

  • Upon accessing a history item of a delivered fax, the user can click on it to view the final document that was faxed. Additionally, they have the option to download the document onto their device or cloud storage.
  • By clicking on a history item of a failed fax, the user can access and view any related error details, if available.
  • If a user has an exclusive fax number to receive faxes, the History section is where all received faxes will be displayed.


The Settings screen is where all other information is presented and users have access to the following features:

  • View current subscription details and remaining page limits.
  • Subscribe if a free user or upgrade their subscription if already subscribed.
  • Save personal information, and any acquired exclusive fax number is shown here.
  • Check the status of push and email notifications.
  • Report any issues, and receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Restore a previously purchased active subscription.
  • Share the app with others.
  • Access the app's Privacy Policy.
  • Access the app's Terms and Conditions.
  • Initiate an app restart which may receive any available delta updates.


We provide a range of subscription plans available at different levels, with options for weekly, monthly, or annual recurring timeframes. These options are designed to cater to your specific requirements and are presented in an easily navigable carousel paywall, making it simple to select the right plan for you:

  • Standard tier
  • Professional tier
  • Elite tier

Exclusive Fax number

Obtain your exclusive fax number by subscribing to an annual plan. You can either select a randomly available number or search for one based on your preferred area code or region in the USA and Canada:

  • Random number
  • Search by Area code
  • Search by region (state in USA / provience in Canada)
  • Receive faxes on your device using this number.
  • Send faxes from you device using this number.


Since the launch of the app's send capability v1.0 in January 2023, followed by the release of the receive capability v2.0 in August 2023.

Users (all-time)

Faxes (delivered + received)

Subscribers (active)

Fax Numbers


Some of our reviews from Apple's App store and Google's Play store.

Shalonda Annetta

Affordable and dependable sending faxes - May 19, 2023

If you're looking for a reliable faxing app, you can't go wrong with Faxify: the best affordable and simpler intuitive use.​

Cass Howland

Effortlessly send faxes with Faxify - May 18, 2023

It's easy to use and navigate without compromising on features. I've used it multiple times, and I'm yet to experience any issues. Highly recommend!

Shah Celestez

Free Fax app!! - May 6, 2023

I came across this fantastic new Fax app that allowed me to send a fax for free. It was great to try it out before committing to a subscription, especially since it's only $2.99/week. I'm impressed by the app and will definitely be using it more often.


Very pleased with app - Jan 20, 2023

As an infrequent fax need, I found this app to be a valuable tool. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for me to send faxes when needed. The drafts feature is a great addition, allowing me to prepare my documents at my own pace before sending. I'm glad to have this app as an option for my occasional faxing needs.

Gursharan Singh Sahota

May 19, 2023

The new in-app scan documents feature, it is breeze to send faxes using Faxify on the go now. Must have app!

Eliseo Sydnee Chaz

May 18, 2023

I used to dread going into work early just to send important faxes, but now with Faxify, I can send them straight from my phone!


May 5, 2023

I Work in HVAC sales, this requires me to send customers who are mainly contractors and technicians, their invoices and documents like warranty forms, credit/account information, technical manuals etc. all the time directly to phone device, this app has made things a lot more efficient and easy, would recommend this application for a reliable and efficient way to send faxes on the go. The interface is very user friendly and overall a game changer for me in terms of productivity and time saved.

Danielle Harris

March 20, 2023

It got the job done!! For only $2.99 a week! Can't beat that with a baseball bat. Lol.


The pricing depends on various factors, including subscription tiers, recurring time periods, page-count limits, page quality, and whether an exclusive fax number is included or not.

Elite yearly

$129.99 / year

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 500 pages/month
  • Super-fine page quality
  • Receive faxes 🪂
  • Exclusive Fax number

Elite monthly

$14.99 / month

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 400 pages/month
  • Super-fine page quality
  • Receive faxes 🪂
  • Exclusive Fax number

Elite weekly

$9.99 / week

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 100 pages/week
  • Super-fine page quality

Professional yearly

$89.99 / year

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 250 pages/month
  • Fine page quality
  • Receive faxes 🪂
  • Exclusive Fax number

Professional monthly

$9.99 / month

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 200 pages/month
  • Fine page quality
  • Receive faxes 🪂
  • Exclusive Fax number

Professional weekly

$6.99 / week

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 50 pages/week
  • Fine page quality

Standard yearly

$69.99 / year

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 125 pages/month
  • Standard page quality
  • Receive faxes 🪂
  • Exclusive Fax number

Standard monthly

$7.99 / month

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 100 pages/month
  • Standard page quality

Standard weekly

$4.99 / week

  • Send faxes 🚀
  • 25 pages/week
  • Standard page quality

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